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Students begin using technology when they first start school.  We’ve created a set of technology benchmarks for students at Mt. Vernon.  The benchmark scorecard lists technology skills that should be mastered by the end of each grade level.  These benchmarks will show your child’s level of proficiency for grade-level appropriate technology knowledge and skills.  The skills are aligned with ISTE Technology Standards and the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  They are separated in to grade levels based on readiness and abilities.  

Keyboarding!  It is a tool used every day!  It is a life skill everyone should know!

According to, “Schools can no longer prepare students for the workplace of the future without providing them with skills necessary for using computers competently.”  Knowing the correct keyboarding technique will only benefit our students in the future.

Students in grades 1 through 5 are learning to keyboard during their class center rotation.  Typing Quest is available on the students’ Launchpoint home screen so they can practice anytime.   The more practice the better! Dance Mat Typing is another fun way to practice typing skills.  Check it out using this link:

Digital Citizenship lessons include modules from the curriculum at Common Sense Media


Students in grades K through 1 will be introduced to keyboarding.  They will learn the general location of letters and other buttons on the keyboard.   We will use a combination of programs including, Starfall and ABCYa to learn about computers.